Freitag, 15. Juni 2012

fashion / neo antique

The fresh label NEO ANTIQUE, based in Tokyo and London, was founded in 2011. Since this time the label shows amazing clothes, regardless of time and trend. The clothes inspire the wearer to play with styling as they see fit and effortlessly shift from daytime quirky to nighttime glamour with a twist.

The AW12/13 collection-“Departure”, is inspired by birds, and deconstructing bird’s shapes from the movement of flying birds. Through bird’s details, such as figures and colours that designer admire to transfer the still moment when bird flutter wings into fabric and style. The main line is using an innovative mixture of draping, tailoring and manipulating fabric for technical details that floating as the wearers move. The knitwear line is giving feathery feeling as wearer’s second skin. 


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