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interview / stina from stinabaaz

 This week i had the luck, that Stina, designer from the amazing label Stinabaaz, gave me answers of a pair of questions. Her label is one of my favorites at the moment, because her clothes are simple, casual and sophisticated. A great mix of sportswear and casual style. Hope you enjoy the interiew

Hi, please tell me a little bit about you and your label:
My name is Stina Baaz. I am from Stockholm but lived part of the time in Arizona as a child. I have been moving around a lot and have lived in various cities in both europe and USA. Every place have given me some inspiration to who I am as a designer. I went to design school in San Francisco and worked in the industry for a few years before I launched my first collection two years ago.

Your current collection is very simple, sporty and a little bit sophisticated. 
What is the concept behind the collection?
It is a contemporary sports line with high attention to detail and quality. All my collections tend to be simplistic, sporty and sophisticated. My inspiration for all collections are menswear suits and I take a lot of inspiration from street wear as well as architecture. I have always been fascinated by architecture and the simplicity of the lines of a building and the complexion to construct them. I am also attracted to dualities, like strength and femininity, tailoring and draping. I think the fabric reflect that as well as the construction of the garments.

I like the way you use textures and various transparencies. What is the meaning about it?
I use fabrics suited for tailored garments, garments with more structure and then fabrics that are soft and flow that have more drape. My use of leather makes it more rough and give them some toughness and the silk fabrics which is contrast to that because it is delicate.

You doesn´t use any colour, only a dark red. Why?
I do use some contrast colors but I tend to stick to neutrals. I believe the garments are made to stay in your closet for more then one season. they are supposed to be part of the core of your wardrobe.

Thanks to Stina

Have a look on the full collection on Stinas Facebook page.

© Stinabaaz

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