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Label / Ateliê de Albuquerqu

Ateliê de Albuquerqu

Clean, puristic and geometrical are the clothes from Brazilian label Ateliê de Albuquerque which was founded by the Brazilian fashion designer Lina de Albuquerque in 2008. Lina combine the contrast of  the clean and puristic, often cold Northern European style of fashion with the Latin emotions in her heart.

Lina de Albuquerque was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil, where she studied fashion design as well. Since 2009 Lina de Albuquerque works and lives in London (UK), Porto (PT), Zurich (CH) and Düsseldorf (D).

«With my label Ateliê de Albuquerque I want to represent an idea of fashion where it is possible to transform abstract emotions and feelings in concrete clothes. Our feelings of every day, of every change or every new move that we make in our lives can be transformed in the design of clothes. Emotions can be reflected by the touch from the material or just a certain security may occur because you are wearing a piece of my cloth.»

Ateliê de Albuquerque only uses natural textiles such as pure silk, pure wool, wool with silk, pure cotton and silk with cotton, to create the great garments. 

Ateliê de AlbuquerquAteliê de AlbuquerquAteliê de Albuquerqu

© Ateliê de Albuquerque

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  1. I would like to wear the first black jacket!
    Its shape is so fascinating that you only need siple tshirt and jeans.


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