Montag, 2. Juli 2012

DESIGN / deutsche und japaner

Deutsche und Japaner

I was very happy, if i see, that one of my favourite german design studios, Deutsche und Japaner, has updated their webportfolio with new great projects.
The Studio, based in Mannheim, shows a great collection of graphic design, product design, interior design, illustration and scenography. There outstanding style is elegant, clear and suprising . They combine type, colour and form in an absolut great way.

One project which makes the studio special, is A D A – A Darling Accessory, an initiative, developing a series of genuine handcrafted items, like a hand-made leather dress, a simple and elegat belt and some
hand-knitted headbands.

My favorite item is the amazing shirt AUTOMNE, created in cooperation with the Berlin based Photographer Amos Fricke. A stunning mix of Type and Photography.

Deutsche und Japaner

Deutsche und Japaner

Deutsche und Japaner

© Deutsche und Japaner

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  1. Dieses Model ist wunder wunder schön!!


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