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DESIGN / masha reva

Masha Reva,Synchrodogs

Masha Revas work surrealistic and mystherios. She´s moving on the border between fashion and design. Masha´s work cobines fashion design, photography, fashion illustration, drawings and fashion experiments.

Masha was born in Odessa, Ukraine. Now lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine. After graduating from Ukrainian National University of Technology and Design, have been taking part in competitions for young fashion designers with her graduation collection. As a result she`s got an opportunity to have an internship in NY, and then attend two short courses in the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. After that Masha`s got a three month internship in Walter Van Beirendonck`s studio in Antwerp.
The main message of Masha`s work is energy. No matter what kind of product it is, the main impact to the visual image is made with the use of digital prints in her designs. The most common way to create digital prints is a kind of collage: she works on complex picture consisting of range of details/parts which originally refer to different backgrounds. Two main directions of Masha`s work are illustration and fashion design, usually mixed together.

Last project is about merging - the process of fusion, which contains human and surrounding environment, the main idea is about becoming a part of Nature. It is also a try to understand the human nature in the context of modern reality, therefore one of the inspiration sources was an ability of masking. MERGING combines the creative disziplines drawing, fashion design, set design and photography. Masha herself about MERGING:

"Today a human is surrounded by huge amount of information, while social networks and blogs bring us an opportunity to create a superficial representation of ourselves in the web. Becoming a part of virtual reality, a computer data, we merge within the boundless informational field that is internet.
Indeed, I find it very interesting — the situation within the visual stream we deal with every day — from one point it is related to the layering of information within our mind, from the other, it has a certain connection with print. The principles laid within are over-information, adoptation and merging in the mass of images today. I am focused on study of a personality being transformed in the process of developing various social connections and communication. On the other hand, I look on a human element that is certailny a part of a nature. This confrontation between natural and artificial, in my opinion, is an interesting theme to analyse."

Hope you like her work, check out her website for more projects.

Masha Reva

Masha Reva

Masha Reva

Masha Reva

Masha Reva,Synchrodogs

Photo - Synchrodogs
Style - Julie Pelipas
Model - Lola Dikova
Make-up / Hair - Helen Khodos
Post-production - Igor Primak
Clothes/Paper objects - Masha Reva
Assistance - Anna Shapovalova
Backstage video - Maximus Chatsky

© Masha Reva


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