Samstag, 14. Juli 2012

FASHION / ffixxed


I love nothing more than labels who creates sophisticated and comfortable streetwear with a special touch. The China based label ffiXXed is one of these nice labels. The cuts are casual and sophisticated, the materials are suprising and comfortable and the clothes looking so good!

The amazing summer collection 2013 called Inevitable Necessities and is a great mix of loose cuts, soft colours and suprising details. Just amazing! Have a look on the great concept, they write about the collection:

"The navigation of globalized urban spaces begins with certain questions of the body;  how it engages relationships between international networks, local histories and personal spaces, and what it requires to develop new ways, modes and means of being together. 

With these questions in mind the current collection from ffiXXed encourages a reappropriation of standardized dress codes and vernacular styles to produce new associations between disparate social, cultural, and working surfaces, elaborating new rhythms for familiar forms and new kinds of communities amongst everyday movements."

ffiXXed is a collaborative art and design project initiated by Australian artist/designers Kain Picken and Fiona Lau. They found the label in 2008 in berlin, after they met in melbourne a few years ago. Their focus is the production of a unisex, prêt a porter fashion label, which develops between a range of other art and design related activities.

ffiXXed use framework of fashion to participate in a wider discussion about new possibilities for the consumption and production of contemporary culture. The ffiXXed collections respond to the role clothing and objects play in constructing our daily lives, elaborating a series of new and unexpected forms of trans-functionality for every-day basics.

You can buy their great garments in Germany at the Temporary Showroom in Berlin or online at Anais.



© ffiXXed


  1. Its all so neat and chic, amazing contrasts :3.

    xo, L

  2. lovely!!!!

  3. Never heard of this brand....very NICE to know:)..Thanks. Need to check them out ASaP:)



  4. Thanks for introducing this designer. The clothes look really great and are definitely streetwear chic

  5. I like the collection!
    I would love to have the 1st garment in my closet.


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