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DESIGN / scholten & baijings

Scholten & Baijing

Simple, colourful and just beautiful are the products by the Dutch design duo Scholten & Baijings (see them here on a photo of Freudenthal/Verhagen, the last photo). As i saw their products at HAY and Droog i was deeply impressed how strong a visible effect can be.

In their studio in Amsterdam they worked for a lot of commissioners that come from the industry, also they designed a few products for the design brands Established & Sons, HAY, Schönbuch and the renowned Japanese brand Karimoku New Standard. But not only the finished products find compliance. Their research project Vegetables has a place in the art collection of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam.

Their work is marked by a bold use of colour, a strong conceptual approach, a clear language of form, innovative products and new ways in production. They developed th th e amazing Paper Porcelain for HAY. A collection of simple porcelain tableware, with a square-crystalline form, grey colour and a matte appearance, which arises when the porcelain was not glazed.

My favorite projects are the colour objects, like the Colour Plaid made from Merino wool, the Colour Scarf or the amazing textiles they made for HAY. They are colorful and minimal. An amazing combination. Similar as the Dutch design studio Raw Color, the work of Scholten & Baijings show how strong a bold use of colour can work and how much colour can be an inspiration.

Scholten & Baijing

Scholten & BaijingScholten & Baijing

Scholten & Baijing

Scholten & Baijing

©  Scholten & Baijings

Photography: Inga Powilleit (
Colour Plaid, Scholten & Baijings for Hay, 2011)

Photography:  Vivane Sassen ( Colour  Scarfs, 2008)
Photography: Takumi Ota ( Colour Wood,
Karimoku New Standard, 2009)

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