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INTERVIEW / mark & julia

Mark & Julia

Black fabrics, geometric cuts and fascinating shapes: The designers behind the young fashion label Mark & Julia show that avantgarde fashion does not necessarily come from italy, france or the netherlands. This week i had the pleasure that Mark S. Baigent.and Julia Rupertsberger, from Mark and Julia, Vienna, Austria, gave me answers to a few questions. Enjoy the interview.

      Hi, please tell me a little bit about you and your label
 Mark&Julia was founded about on year ago. We are Julia Rupertsberger and Mark S. Baigent. We create Avant-garde but wearable clothing. We care about People not a specific Gender that is why we have a lot of "Gender-free" pieces in our collection.

     How do you start a collection. What ìs your inspiration?
For every collection we creat a mood/theme. We make sure we understand what the Julia is telling me and the other way arround. Then we part for a view days/week and we design. After that time we come together and to our delight our designs match eaother perfectly. Our ispiration is everything around us and we are inspiration for eachother.

     Do you have role models or icons?
There are so many beautiful people on this planet and we think to name just a view would be unfair. But of course there are people whos style and lifestyle inspires us. Such as the life of Uschi Obermaier.

     What does it mean to you, being a designer?
Being a designer is being an artist. Eating up your inspirations and spitting them out on your own "canvas" for us its fashion.

     What does it mean to you to live and work in vienna, austria?
Living and working in Austria is a great pleasure and we love vienna! Vienna is the center of Europe and as an Artist it is a great city to live in and to work in because the living itself if it comes to rent, food and all the essentials of live - Vienna is the best.

     Your current collection, Hybrid, is very simple, straight and very sophisticated.    What is the concept behind the collection?
With the next collection for Autumn/Winter 2012/13 we don’t want to focus on genders.
We see the humans as they are and exactly from that gender-free view we want to create „Hybrid“ designs. Typical round and tailored cuts like darts and round seams are „blocked“ by straight lines and wide silhouettes.As in the last collection there are some „pieces“ being created for functioning more like accessoires and are not to be defined as dresses, pants or blazers. With doing this we also try to build the „Gender-free“ collection to the point that you see clothing as such. Its the mixture of light and flowing materials combined with firm and thick material, such as Silk and Wool, that create shapes and forms that only let you guess but never let you know the gender of the piece its self.
This concept is also a crucial part of the photoproduction for the lookbook and will focus on a broader audience. With the presentation of the collection we also want to show a performance that should animate people to think about the connection between the gender seperated being in our society and put back the focus on the Humanity itself.

     You use a lot of different textures and various shades of grey and black.
We actually love colors but for the first collection we used greys and blacks. But with Bound actually not only beige and pigeon blue, for Hybrid we took black because black doesnt belong to a certain gender in peoples head. its gender free. And putting organe and green accents to the designs if putting them back into focus and giving them a personality.

     What do you think about the use of colour?
Colour is great! Just wait and see when you see our collection for Spring/Summer 2013 ;)

     What is your goal for the future? 
To live from our Art and to encourage other young designers!

Mark & Julia
Mark & Julia
Mark & Julia
Mark & Julia
Mark & Julia

Mark & Julia

Mark & JuliaMark & Julia

Mark & JuliaMark & Julia

© Mark and Julia

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