Dienstag, 25. September 2012

DESIGN / studio henny van nistelrooy

For all of you who have the luck to visit the Beijing Design Week 2012, there's a special tip: Studio Henny van Nistelrooy exhibits at the current design week his latest projects.
Here is an excerpt from the press release:
In response to this years’ Beijing Design Week theme craft, Studio Henny van Nistelrooy will give insight in how working in crafts feed his industrially made projects and vice versa. By juxtaposing the industrially made “Fabricate” woven Light shades with new additions to the “Shelter” collection, a series of hand-made textile furniture pieces.

 “In my design practice I have a very hands on approach to materials and processes, this gives insight and inspires me to explore new possibilities. In the studio I gather materials and make DIY variations of industrial
processes in order to find news ways of using these. Yet I’m extremely fascinated by industrial manufacturing and some of the work created in the studio has most potential when brought back to industry.”

The exhibition presented at C-Space presents two works: “Fabricate”is a collection of industrially woven light shades. The idea originated from learning the weaving process on a handloom. It was then transformed
into a product specifically made for digitally controlled Jacquard weaving looms. And there are new additions to the “Shelter” collection. This collection is created by laborious work of taking woven fabric apart by hand in order to create new geometrical designs. Each piece is unique and is a result from a series of tests to find a balance between creating a new image while maintaining the structure of the fabric.

28 Sept - 15th Oct 2012
11 - 6pm daily
Red No.1 - C1 & C2,
Cao Changdi
Chaoyang District
Beijing 100015
P.R. China.

© Studio Henny van Nistelrooy

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