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DESIGN / sylvain willenz

Sylvain Willenz Shapes for HAY

You know I´m absolut enthusiastic by simple and colourful furniture. The products designed by  Sylvain Willenz are exactly these: minimal, colourful and functional. His work reminds at the first look a little bit to the design of Ray and Charles Eames. Sylvain Willenz work combine clear colours, straight form and simple geometry. I really like the particular color palette that Sylvain for his furniture used. The colours are fresh and always perfectly match the designed object and the constructed straight form.

The CANDY table is the result of exploring the beauty and simplicity. materials to make pieces of furniture: a beautiful and classic piece of furniture. CANDY is a collection of items which was designed and presented during the 2009 Milan Design Week. The SHAPES mirrors are simple and effective elementary forms, graphically displayed, contrasted, extruded, elongated or stretched. The SLIDE mirrors are based on simple graphic drawings, which play with reflection, perception and depth.
My absolut favourite product is STUFF: A seamless flat rubber handbag. Its material allows to stretch in three dimensions. Things inside the bag are concealed and revealed through ghosted shapes. STUFF is so simple and a fantastic and functional alternative to the no more available BREE simply bag. 

Sylvain Willenz, born in Brussels, has studied MA Design Products at the Royal College of Art in London, graduating in 2003. In 2004, Sylvain opened his Design Office, based in Brussels. Willenz works internationally with renowned clients such as Cappellini, (IT), Established & Sons (UK), Freecom (NL/DE), Hay (DK), Tamawa (BE), Karimoku New Standards (JP) amongst others. Works by Sylvain Willenz have been granted some of the most highly considered awards including several iF Awards and Red Dot "Best of the Best" Awards in Product Design. Several works have also been acquired by Museums, integrating their permanent collections and archives. In 2009 Sylvain was nominated as Belgian Designer of the Year. 

I hope you like Sylvain Willenz portfolio. You can buy pieces of Sylvain Willenz here.

Sylvain Willenz Candy for Cappellini

 Silvain Willenz Folk for Chevalier Edition

 Silvain Willenz Folk for Chevalier Edition

Silvain Willenz  OPENGROUNDS Exhibition

Silvain Willenz Tones for Karimoku New Standard

Sylvain Willenz RING & LOOP for SWS

Sylvain Willenz LOCK for Tamawa

Sylvain Willenz PIFF for Tamawa

Sylvain Willenz Ray for Tamawa

Sylvain Willenz STUFF for SWS

Sylvain Willenz SLIDE

Credits/ Photography by
Julian de Wilde /  J Renault / Victor Hunt / Nicola Zocchi / Chevalier Edition / SWDO / SWDO & HAY

 © Sylvain Willenz


  1. The structural elements are so clean (like everything you post really!). I really like the color combo on the rug...
    - Aliya:)


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