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INTERVIEW / putput

PUTPUT Popsicles

This beautiful sponge-ice-object you see above is the product of PUTPUT.  A Swiss/Danish artist group based in Copenhagen, Denmark. PUTPUT work’s in the field of contemporary art photography, sculpture, installation and publishing. Their projects moves at the border between art and design, every project is unique and highly aesthetic. The members of PUTPUT were so nice and gave me answers to some questions about their work and life as artist, their inspiration and some dogs and busses. 

Who are you and what interests you / your work? PUTPUT is a Swiss/Danish artist group established in 2011 and based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We seek to occupy the space between input and output and we work in the field of contemporary art photography, sculpture, installation and publishing.

What is the concept behind your projects?  The concept is different for each project, but the work is always focused around bringing forward the previously unseen, discovering the unexpected in the things we surround ourselves with and giving attention to the stuff we take for granted.

You work with a lot of different media, installation, photography, objects.
What is your favourite medium? 
We don't have a favorite media as such, the media should accommodate the idea and 
concept and fulfill our demands in terms of expression. However we do always use photography for documentation purposes. 

Your imagery is very simple, clean and colourful. 
Do you have any role models or icons?We admirer different people for different reasons, be it for their visual universe and expression or a philosophy towards their work or the ability to master a certain technique. As far as icons go we have a fondness and admiration for Bruno Munari and his approach and proficiency in art, design and publishing.

How important are the surprise and the unexpected in your work?We definitely strive for elements of surprise in our work and we hope to achieve the unexpected. We hope our audience will view our work with surprise, but our main objective is to visually express an idea or a concept through the juxtaposition of different objects which brings forward, interrogates and questions the metaphysical relationship we have to certain artifacts. Of course we hope that people will do a double take when they encounter our work, to us that is the ultimate compliment.

How import are the following terms in your work: form, colour and composition?
All of the mentioned aspects play a major part in our work and form a codependent relationship to accomplish the desired expression.

Where do you work? 
We work in our studio in Copenhagen.

What does it mean to you, being a artist? For us it means executing our ideas visually and to give our thoughts a physical form.

Do you have your own philosophy?To turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Was an art ‘career’ something you stumbled upon, or something you’ve always wanted to do? 
It was always in our cards, we both come from a background in design and our approach has always been that good design does not exist without an artistic element and good art does not exist without an element of design and craftsmanship.

How has knowing to appreciate art and design affect the way you live?The most profound way that it affects our lives is in the way that we can never take a day off, projects and ideas are constantly on our minds and we are always planning the next step. Luckily we both enjoy it tremendously and we could say that it does not affect our life it simply is our life.

What is for you  the most important factor in the design process?  
We firmly believe that all parts are equally important and that paying attention, 
being thorough throughout the entire process will lead to a better result. 

Where and how do you get your inspirations?  It's difficult to describe exactly where and how we get inspired. Sometimes it's a very instantaneous process where seeing an object will immediately spark an idea, other times we will have things on our minds for months before we figure out what to do and how to develop that idea. We do not have a set formula or procedure for finding inspiration and most of the time we think that inspiration is easily confused with admiration or simply liking something, which will not lead to anything.

Talent or hardwork? Which do you think will make it? A combination of hard work and talent, with a sprinkle of passion and a lot of 
persistence will hopefully do the trick...

If you are not doing art what will you be doing? Bus driver and dog walker.

PUTPUT Popsicles

PUTPUT Popsicles
PUTPUT Popsicles
PUTPUT PopsiclesPUTPUT Popsicles

PUTPUT Soft Construction

PUTPUT Soft Construction

PUTPUT Soft Construction

PUTPUT Soft Construction

PUTPUT Succulent

PUTPUT Succulent


INTERVIEW Stephanie Passul


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  2. Is it strange that those spongey art works make me hungry? Great interview by the way!


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