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LABEL / anna smit

Anna Smit

Anna Smit is a fantastic new talent in the fashion scene. After graduation from the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in 2008 and the Royal College of Art’s MA Fashion Womenswear course in 2011, she shows an outstanding portfolio with an amazing first collection. Her work is marked by strong silhouettes, simplicity and construction. Simplicity is the fundamental theme, but Anna combines it with a big passion for print and create clothes which are absolut sophisticated and special.
Her A/W 11 Collection "ILLUMINE" is inspired by artist Garry Fabian Miller, who creates “camera-less” photographs. This collection is all about circles of blending colours of light appearing from a black surface.  All prints are individually engineered in each garment, following the line of the garment. Blending colours and light are framed by darkness, using light-reflecting materials such as grosgrain, patent leather and nylon mesh. Hidden elements of luxury in the form of fine crystal fabric appear throughout the collection, for example in the insides of sleeves and hems and in the boxy cutout of the wedges of the custom made shoes.

The collection reminds me a little of the paintings of Mark Rothko.
What do you think about Anna´s collection?

Anna SmitAnna Smit

Anna Smit

Anna Smit

Anna Smit

Anna Smit

Photography: Christina Smith Shoes: Maurice van de Stouwe 

Hair/makeup: Jennifer Nash Model: Saphari Bernard 
Part of the text via Not just a label

© Anna Smit


  1. Love that skirt on the first photo!
    xoxo Caroline
    Check: Pick me an Outfit

  2. I love the structure of the skirt! X Karen


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