Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

ART / calvin ross carl

I am particularly pleased that today I have to draw your attention to a wonderful young artists: Calvin Ross Carl. The art of the Portland-based artist and designer is a graphical firework: Geometry meets bright colors, optical illusions on minimalism and collage meets sculpture.
Calvin reinterprets common forms from the American home and work environment through the lens of formal aesthetics, in order to transcend the material’s original cultural purpose and worth.
The paintings and sculptures persuade through a consistent and courageous use of intense colourand a simple geometric and abstract formal language. They are reminiscent of the great masters of Suprematism and minimalism. Calvin combined like a patchwork look different colors and graphic patterns and creates intense, vibrant images which pull the viewer into their spell.
Calvin has been exhibited in various galleries in the United States such as Portland, Vancouver, Houston and Seattle. I hope that you can see Calvin's work in the future in Germany, because his talent is undeniable.

© Calvin Ross Carl


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