Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012

DESIGN / propaganda™

The golden pineapple

You know I try to find people who work on der border creative discplines, like fashion, art, photography and design. All the nice things which make the life more beautiful and more aesthetic. A few weeks ago I found PROPAGANDA™: Based in Berlin and Paris Camille Yvert coordinated under the provocative name a creative plattform with a high creative output.
Camille Yvert use all creative canals and combine art direction, scenography, conception, installations, photo stylism, photographya nd graphic in her work.

The imagenery is every time different: poetic, colourful, humorous, galactic, lively, spectacular, and rebellious. For the project Bohemian rainbow Camille combines art direction, fashion & textile design, photography, & graphic design. The result are fascinating shrill fashion sculptures, which are stylistic located  between African masks and confetti system. Camille works with different creative people and linked them into a big network. For the  Lookooks of various Fashionlabels she connects photography and graphic design to an eclectic mix, a mix that is also visible in the fanzine she had designed.

Moreover, camille has a special fondness for pineapples and staged this subject in numerous photo shootings. The golden pineapple is the symbol of PROPAGANDA™ and acts as an anti-logo for the creative agency. In having a good access to the alternative and experimental scene of Berlin, PROPAGANDA™ is in the center of energetic movements that will create the next trends. PROPAGANDA™ produces unordinary, trendy, and quirky images for young designers that looks for orginal visuals, without forgetting their own style.

Styling for CAM - Collective Art MagazineExotic Junk  Art direction, stylism & photographyBohemian Rainbow  Art direction, fashion & textile design, photography, & graphic designAutumnal Spot  Personnal Order

Still Water  Photography & stylism

OFF Frames Release Party  PROPAGANDA™ x Miren Oller

Raum II  Personnal Order


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