Samstag, 27. Oktober 2012

FASHION / kilenz autumn-winter 12/13

Wool Coat

The winter confronted us in addition to cold temperatures with a very specific color palette which makes the season special. Different shades of blue, gray and shades of white determine the picture that the winter offers. The founders of Munich-based label KILENZ Hanna Wolf and Anna Hinterdobler chose exactly this color palette for their new winter collection.

The collection is characterized by the typical clear cuts of KILENZ, but combines this with unusual material contrasts. Coarse structures and natural hues stand next to fine shiny fabrics in cool blues and grays. In all its simplicity, both designers have a special value in surprising detail : Subtle, barely visible color contrasts, interesting contrasting stitching and perfect proportions make the collection unique.

The collection includes classic pieces like skirts and tops as well as very nice coats and beautiful dresses. The designers are not only specialize in women's wear, but also show beautiful pieces for men. The clothes conveys the image of a perfect winter landscape without being kitsch or nostalgic. I hope you like the collection similar as me.

Shirt and pants
Skirt and shirt
Wool jumper and skirt
Menßs wear coat
Men´s wear jumper


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