Samstag, 13. Oktober 2012

FASHION / leyre valiente

Haute Couture meets Art and Science Fiction. This is the theme of Leyre Valiente´s work in which she combines fashion with science. Leyre studied Audiovisual Communication, teached in Photography, Drawing, History of Clothing and Textiles, she worked as a costume designer  for Movies by Gumersindo Andrés. After her graduation she studied Fashion design at the Instituto Europeo di Design. After some internships at Alexander Mcqueen, in London, and LOEWE in Madrid, Leyre presented her amazing collection Chimera.
The collection deals with heavy contrasts in materials and shapes. Mystical symbols are mixed with modern shapes and imaginative patterns and prints. A fantastic collection with a sculptural and artistic approach. Chimera was shown on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid and will hopefully help to her international breakthrough. Have a look on the whole collection after the jump.

© Leyre Valiente


  1. What an amazing collection, I especially love the leather items, they are so detailed!

  2. super Kommentar:)! Das 1 und 10 Kleid gefallen mir am besten!

  3. I love Haute Couture !!


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