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INTERVIEW / karl & olaf

KARL & OLAF Seidentücher

I think that fashion is only really interesting when design, art and photography are mixed with it.  Otherwise the videos by Björk were not so beautiful and the photography by Karl Lagerfeld were not so fascinating. Only the crossing of boundaries leads to fantastic results. A wonderful example how good fashion and design fit together is KARL & OLAF, the new label of Adeline Mollard and Aita Bott.

Both studied in Lausanne in Switzerland, and in each case a different design disciplines: While Adeline studied graphic design, turned Aita to industrial design. After graduating, and some great projects in the respective disciplines, both turned to a new project: Fashion and accessories. Under the name of Karl and Olaf both create fabulous handmade silk scarves. The first small collection of the two bears the name MAGMA and is inspired by lunar landscapes and volcanic rocks. The collection captivates with organic prints, a subtle choice of colors and an almost mystical atmosphere. At the sight of the collection will be interesting what will come up with the two women in the future.

Hi, please tell me a little bit about you and your label
.We are Adeline Mollard and Aita Bott, we met at ECAL (Ecole Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne, Switzerland) in 2004. Adeline studied graphic design and Aita industrial design. After 5 years working in our respective fields, we decided to unite forces and to collaborate on a side-project. The result of it is KARL UND OLAF, a fashion label creating scarves. To us, scarves are the point of intersection between graphic design and industrial design.

Please describe your current collection.
MAGMA Collection 2013 is inspired by lunar landscapes and volcanic atmospheres digitally printed on italian silk.

How do you start a collection. What ìs your inspiration?
We don't care so much about fashion, our inspiration rather comes from our original professions: design, graphics, architecture, photography, art...

How important are the following terms in your work: form, colour and composition? 
In our professional practice we are usually very focused on having a strong concept and carrying it throughout the whole design project. With KARL UND OLAF we took a totally different approach, which is very much based on form, colour and composition. To us, first of all, fashion should transport a mood, an atmosphere or even a Zeitgeist more than a strong concept. Above all, we want our scarves to be visually interesting.

Do you have your favourite piece? And why?
The pieces are all a variation of the same mood and each of them is essencial to build the atmosphere of the whole collection.

How important is the craftsmanship in your work?
Very important. We keep the KARL UND OLAF collections small (max. 4 themes) and create limited, high quality pieces. It was a long process finding the right manufacturer for our collection. One who could guarantee the quality we are looking for. In Berlin we could not find anybody so we finally went to Italy. We found a manufacturer who uses only fabrics made in Italy and who guides the production of our collections from printing to border rolling of the scarves. It is very pleasant to have the whole process concentrated at one place and to produce in a city where the heritage of finest italian silk is still in the air.

Where do you work?
In our ateliers in Berlin and Zürich or via skype when one of us is traveling. But we also like to work in restaurants or cafés or to go to the fabrics Market in Neukölln, to get inspired.

What is for you  the most important factor in the design process? 
To have fun doing it. As soon as we get bored, we try to think of another idea or another way to do it better. If we don't have fun in the creative process nobody will appreciate the end result nor the final product. We try to always keep that in mind. KARL UND OLAF should first of all stay our experimentation field.

Design for the individual or for the mass?
Our pieces are limited editions and thought for individuals.

What is more important to be a good designer: big talent or hard working?
Hard working.

What is your goal for the future? 
To keep experimenting and create new collections with KARL UND OLAF.

KARL & OLAF Silk scarfesKARL & OLAF Silk scarfes

KARL & OLAF Silk scarfes

KARL & OLAF Silk scarfes

KARL & OLAF Silk scarfes

KARL & OLAF Silk scarfes

KARL & OLAF Silk scarfes


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