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INTERVIEW / nino bollag

Nino Bollag SS13 Nino Bollag SS13 Jumpsuit


The Paris Fashion week is over, but some new talents remain in the memory:
Nino Bollag is one of these new talents. The Fashion designer grew up with swiss cheese and chocolate, create suprising and extra ordinary clothes and study philosophy to expand his horizon. In a short interview he gave me answers to a few questions about his life, his inspiration and his summer collection for the next year.

Who are you and what interests you / your work?

I´m Nino and I grew up in Switzerland. I have a wide range of interests and that´s what I like about my work.

Please describe your current collection. What is concept behind it?
Some words have a real meaning only in their language, we espacially think about Saudade which is very difficult to translate as its sense is so strong. It’s the same for a German word "Heimat" in which I drew my inspiration for this summer 13 collection. Heimat could mean : feel at home. But I give it several definitions, of course I includes the idea of feeling at home, but I adds the notion of living a permanent journey, being related with our home, our home town or country or even feel at home in a complete unknown place.
Its a state that is not easy to understand but it’s a feeling that everyone had felt at least, once.
For me, this feeling is linked to Switzerland, to the entire world and to the thoughts that I trie to convey  in the collection. I hade captivated moments of sky that for me represents life, home and the feeling of affiliation to a place. I use  this pictures to create original and exclusive prints. To symbolize Switzerland , the nature and me traditions, we  developped with the textile designers Susanne Hissen  and Forster Rohner (a 100 year old company), emboideries that represent landscapes and frogs.

Nini Bollag SS13 Blouse
How and when did you first begin making clothing?
Oh, since I was a child. At home there were a lot of machines and weaving looms. I often started with something and had a lot of ideas but rarely I brought my works to an end.

Do you have role models or icons?

Yes, real people how make real things.

Where do you work?
Together with my small team i work in my studio. I like it there because ist an inspriring space where like to spend time and work.

Nino Bollag SS13 Blouse
Do you have your own philosophy?
Beside my work as designer, I started to study philosophy. That´s my philosophy. Life continues. As in Rilkes first Elegy: For staying is nowhere. ("Denn bleiben ist nirgends.")

What is for you  the most important factor in the design process?

To connect all the different aspects, that´s the big challenge.

Design for the individual or for the mass?

For the individual mass.

How has knowing to appreciate art and design affect the way you live?
Hm, the world would be a sad place without art and design. But ist not only the visual level that interests me. Also the questions that come to me when I see art or design, do have a formative impact . Still, there are many things i do not understand till now.

Talent or hardwork? Which do you think will make it?

Talent in what ? no... talent alone is useless. You can archieve a lot with hard work. It´s a blessing if you have both, talent and persistence. But there are others factors that decide between success and failure. Anyway what does success mean...

What is your goal for the future?

To live a good life and to find out what it means to live a good life.

Nino Bollag SS13 Dress

Nino Bollag SS13 Yellow Dress

Nino Bollag SS13 Trench

Nino Bollag SS13 Top

Nino Bollag SS13 black Dress

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Interview: Stephanie Passul

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