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INTERVIEW / walter & friedrichs


Today I got the pleasure to introduce a fantastic newcomer label from Düsseldorf, Germany. Walter&Friedrichs is a small label, founded in 2011 by Katharina Walter and Simone Friedrichs. The style of the label is elegant, feminim, timeless and pure.
Both have studied at Design Department, academy for fashion and communication in Duesseldorf, Germany. Next to her studies they already gained working experience with different designers, amongst others at Hannah Marshall and Hussein Chalayan in London.
Below you see their current summer collection which works with clear cuts and a feminim attitude. I hope you like the collection similar as me. Katharina and Simone were so kind and gave me an interveiw in this week and answered questions about their work, their inspiration and their goal for the future.

Hi, please tell me a little bit about you and your label

Simone and I founded the label after our graduation from the Design Department Düsseldorf in 2011. With the label we combine timeless design with high craftsmanship. We realise our vision of high quality in time of mass fashion.

How do you start a collection. What ìs your inspiration?

We talk about themes we are interested in and focus on the most relevant. In the next step we start to research and collect pictures, fabrics and information. Our inspiration often comes from the nature and architecture.

What is the concept behind the current collection?

Our S/S 2013 collection is inspired by the Arts and Crafts Movement in the end of the 19th century which is focused on quality and handcraft.

How import are the following terms in your work: form, colour and composition?

Very important. A good balance between form and colour creates a good product.

What kind of person do you imagine wearing your clothing?

A classic, elegant woman that is interested in culture and Zeitgeist and attaches importance to high quality.

Do you have your own philosophy?

Our philosophy is to create timeless, clean but at the same time modern products.
An important point is that our garments are solely handmade in Germany.
Our design is not affected to trends but rather by contemporary themes.

What does it mean to you, being a designer?

On the one hand it is a permanent pressure beeing creative on the other hand for me it is the most interesting job and it is a great feeling to see people wearing your clothes.

What is for you  the most important factor in the design process?

To make decisions. Each decision navigate the design process. The result is the sum of these decisions.

What does it mean to you to live and work in Düsseldorf, Germany?

Duesseldorf is our hometown. Beside our family and friends we built up a network which is very important for our work.

Where and how you were trained, and how has the training influenced
you and your work?

We were trained at the Design Department in Duesseldorf, which is influenced by belgian design. You are free in your creativity, but there is always a focus on modernity and Zeitgeist there. So we learned to find another, our own approach to fashion.

Talent or hardwork? Which do you think will make it?

In the end of the day hardwork!

How has knowing to appreciate art and design affect the way you live?

In the course of time you learn to differentiate good design from bad design and good quality from bad quality, in all the different design disciplines. So beeing a designer affects in the end the whole way of making decisions and living. We rather invest in one really good piece than in five averaged products.

What is your goal for the future? 

First of all, to keep building up our business. There is still a lot of work to do!

© Walter & Friedrichs
Interview: Stephanie Passul


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