Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012

JEWELRY / stephanie chloe bilah

Some designers show that jewelry can be more than just simple decoration of the body. They show that jewelry can be an object which extended the body or transform the body in combination with the piece of jewelry into a sculpture. One of these designers is Stephanie Chloe Bila. The London-based jewelry designer recently graduated from the renowned Central Saint Martins School in London and ensures for excitement in the fashion world. Stephanie's work is inspired by influences by anatomy, the evolution and the architecture. These influences also reflect their drafts, where she focuses on form and structure and the formal relationship to science and technology.

Her final collection at Central Saint Martins 'The Human Body as a Site for Intervention' consisted of large sculptural objects, which move on the border between clothing, object and piece of jewelry. The jewelry pieces transform the human body into an organic sculpture. The objects made by Stephanie Chloe Bila reminds a little bit to the Haute Couture dresses of the dutch designer Iris van herpen. They take up the lines and proportions of the body and expand them into the space. The collection was sponsored by Swarowski and Compwood products, is hand crafted and an exploration of the ability of jewellery to enhance our perception of the human form.

Stephanie´s current collection is an extension of her graduate collection and is trying to expand jewelry beyond its usual borders. The pieces are not so big and sculpturally as her graduation collection, but subtle and can be integrated into the everyday life. The pieces are hand crafted and consist ​​of brass, Beech Bendywood and some Swarowski elements. Each piece is available in 18 carat gold or silver. The delicate, elegant curved pieces reminiscent formally to herringbone or bird bones, cling to the body and appear to wrap around him. The collection contains a variety of pieces such as ear clips, bracelets and chains, which resemble each other formally, but individually different. With her work Stephanie wants to create a new human architecture through design. In this way she is more a artist or a scientist as a jewelry designer

© Stephanie Chloe Bila


  1. oh my goodness those accessories are totally out of the world!
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  2. It is incredibly beautiful! each piece is strong and delicate and so, so lovely. Thank you so much for sharing this here.

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  4. Incredible! I love that ear cuff.
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