Sonntag, 25. November 2012

ART / axel brechensbauer

Happy Times

Humor is indispensable for the modern human. Humor functioned as a socio-cultural phenomenon on the one hand, on the other hand as a aesthetically medial complex or as a personal or artistic expression. Humor it´s essential for our culture and defined us as humans. Many artist has shown that humor can be more as an amusing film or a bad joke. Andy Warhol, Maurizio Cattelan or  Marcel Durchamp make humor to the main part of their work or implemented it as a kind of subtle commentary in the work.

Barcelona-based artist Axel Brechensbauer combines in his sculptures a wry kind of humor with a clear and geometrical form language. He is especially fascinated by natural arrangement systems. He hypothesizes that nature with it´s wild and organic arrangement systems is just ugly and the reason why humans create gardens. Gardens are a kind of modified and designed form of nature. These domesticated utopia reflect the geometric forms which surrounded us in our modern, human built world. Formed from mud are bricks for example such a kind of domesticated nature.

Brechensbauer plays with these contrasts of artificiality and naturalness. His main motive is the creation of form. These creation is a primitive urge of the human. Brechensbauer transforms these instinct into a reduced and graphically form language. At first glace, his sculptures remain to chess figures, at second glace to totem figures whose inhere magic potency.
Brechensbauer´s work is on ongoing research for the perfect form. For that purpose he uses an extensive diversity of shapes and create own rules and procedures, which give a inside view to his mode of practice and thinking.

The great outdoorsLiving in danger

Cliff bird

Divine beef

Endless growth

Forest bird

Modern painters

Mother nature

© Axel Brechensbauer


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