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DESIGN / bart hess

Echo Video Stil
Fashion can be so much more than just fabric or a garment. It can be a tool for protection of the environment or material to build a fashion sculpture, like in the example of Craig Green.Another designer how go new ways of dealing with fabric and it´s relationship to the body is Bart Hess. Born 1984 in the Netherlands, Hess graduated from the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven, where he had studied in the 'Man and Identity' department, which looks at finding new materials and forecasting trends in fashion and culture.

In his work, the designer combines different media like
technology, animation and photography with material studies and manipulates the body through the use of different materials. Hess is able to use materials in an innovative way and create fascinating works on the border between art, fashion and design. The work of Bart Hess has been commissioned from the Stijlinstituut, Vogue, Philips Design and Walter Van Beirendonck. His internationally exhibited work is very complex, his images and visuals are a little bit strange but fascinating and highly aesthetic.The work of Bart Hess is international renowned, he finds and creates its own stage and international collaborations with prestigious names such as Lady Gaga, Walter van Beirendonck, Palais de Tokyo, Lucy McRae and Nick Knight. With his work he obtained an independent position in the (fashion) world.

for example is an animation for the National Glassmuseum in Netherlands. The fascinating film plays with dynamic, temporal perception, fluid movement of object and humanoid shell and the expression of body. The Mutants were designed by Bart Hess together with Heyheyhey, a design studio from Eindhoven, for the 2011 STRP Art & Technology Festival campaign. This project deals with textiles, contours, colours and the shape and transformation of the human body. The result are disturbingly beautiful sculptures that were staged by photography and film. Together with Lucy McRae Hess entered into the collaboration LucaAndBart, where both designers try to used different materials on their bodies, like foam, grass or asymmetric spines. They explore volumes and looking for new ways of re-shaping the human silhouette. In 2010 Hess designed the slime art for Lady Gagas video ’Born this way and after that also a ’slime dress’ for Lady Gagas album Born this way.

I think Bart is more than just a designer, he is an artist and a scientist working on new dimensions between the body and the garment. I'm curious how Bart Hess take his influence and help shape the world of fashion. Have a look on Bart Hess full portfolio on his website and his Tumblr.

Echo Video stil, animation meets fashion
Echo, video stil, photography and fashion
Echo, video stil, humanoid shell

STRP Mutants, green

STRP Mutants, blue

STRP Mutants brown

STRP Mutants, black for the 2011 STRP Art & Technology Festival

STRP Mutants, blue for the 2011 STRP Art & Technology Festival

STRP Mutants, violett , transformation of the human body

STRP Mutants, move on the order between art, fashion and music

© STRP Mutants: Bart Hess x heyheyhey for
© Echo: Bart Hess

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