Mittwoch, 14. November 2012

DESIGN / kirsten coelho

Good design is often an enhancements of a proven tradition. We associate the old craft of porcelain production with quality, durability and aesthetics. Exactly this craft has the designer Kirsten Coelho made to the main motive of her work. Based in Ethelton, South Australia is she  specializes in the production of simple everyday objects made ​​of porcelain

Trained in Adelaide, South Australia Kirsten moved to the United Kingdom in the early ninetees to work for a few years in London. Her first works are inspired by the british pottery tradition.1998 Coelho moved back to Australia, where she currently working in her own studio in her house in Ethelton. Her recently work is influenced by the enamel wares of nineteenth and early twentieth century. 

Coelho´s pieces are simple and clean, but not immaculate. Her objects are characterized by a very straight and almost abstract figurative language, which reminds to utilitarian objects such as oil cans or wash bowls.
She is a master of the reduction, her pieces are as simple as they could be. There is nothing too much, only the pure form. She produces design which is minimalism at its finest form. One cyclic element in her work is transformation. The externally mostly pure and white designed objects surprises by marks which allude to aging. Coelho´s work shows that an object become only through the use and the story behind really beautiful.Today design needs more than functionality, it needs emotion and Kirsten Coelho gives her objects that kind of emotion. Her beautiful pieces got a very special style: they are clean and raw in the same moment, an attribute which makes her design so special and unique.

white porcelain bottles

white porcelain bottle and beaker

white porcelain bowls
white porcelain bottle, beaker and hopper

white porcelain jar

white porcelain bowlwhite porcelain bottle and bowl

© Kirsten Coelho
Photograph by Grant Hancock and Daniel Noone


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