Montag, 5. November 2012

DESIGN / linea1

White shelf

There are many ways to make furniture. Some objects claim a lot of attention for their selfs and become an identity-part of our furnishing. Other products occur entirely in the background and serve as a tool, so the function is more important and their content become an element of the design. Exactly this is the way how Irina Jurasic und Francesco Apuzzo work. Trained as architects and based in Berlin they founded together the studio linea1. Their products are functional, elegant and decent. In their work they focus the terms economics and aesthetic.

Both think that it is really important how an object satisfies and commented it´s function.
For many products they use steel and bend it into a new three-dimensional form. The resulting products are not massiv, they reflect the dialog between the surface and volume. The products designed by linea1 are focused on the everyday use: The shelf series called a, b and c stowed optional files, books or cd´s. Their form reflects perfectly the form of the stowed ojects, so that the ojects are an element of the design.
Their magazin holder can take five magazines and can be extended by some moduls. In this way the stowed magazins look like a beautiful mural.

The funktional approach is also reflected by the naming of their products: they are called in the same way like their function, in german: Tischleuchte, Magazinhalter or Regalserie. So the products of linea1 are minimalism in it´s perfect form: just simple and beautiful tools for living and interior design.

CD shelfshelf for cd´sshelf for files

everydas table Tischshelf seriesminimal shelfs

Minimal furniture

Tischleuchte, minimal lamp

invisible magazin holder

invisible magazin holder

magazin holder

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