Samstag, 3. November 2012

FASHION / craig green

The body and the space

Fashion is a discipline which combines all dimensions: a two-dimensional pattern become a three-dimensional garment. These garments are transformed through photography, film and staging into other dimensions and media like fashion magazines, exhibitions or fashion films. However, clothing is only transmitted trough the body completly  into the third dimension. The body acts as a base for the garment, so the garment has to rely on the body. The body is similar to the base of the sculpture and occurs behind the fashion in the background. A designer who fully explores the boundaries between fashion and sculpture is Craig Green.

In addition to collaborations with Adidas, Bally and the designer Christopher Shannon, Craig combines fabric with geometric objects and different forms and creates fascinating fashion sculptures. These sculptures reflect the relationship between the body and the space.

In his BA collection Craig stylized the body to a base for expressive geometric pattern. He transformed the form of the human body through garments into unnatural geometric shapes and makes the wearer look like a weird toy figure. Craigs MA collection expands the body through the use of  generous surfaces and geometrical shapes into the room. The created monochromatic sculptures are highly aesthetical and reminds a little bit to abstract stage sets. In the current spring summer collection Craig adds ojects to his garments which indicate room  situations. The colours of the ojects are perfectly matched to the garments and combine both to a fantastic all-over concept. The whole staging looks a little it strange and remind to African totem masks.

So is Craig Green more an artist who focuses the relationship of the body and the space and sets this theme always in new contexts. His work is comparable with designers like Henrik Vibskov and I am eagerly await will Craig make in the next time.

Monochromatic sculptures

The white sculptures

The camouflage sculpture

White forms and a monster

White sculpture with vehicle

White sculpture with a house

Human or toy green, white and lack

Human or toy white, red and black

Human or toy red

Human or toy black and white
© Craig Green

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