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FASHION / filles a papa

Simple black dress and beanieTypografic sweater

Sometimes bored the constant minimalism. It seems to sleek, to perfect, anonymous and edgeless. In moments when you wish a little more identity than as one or the other scandinavian label can offer you have to choose a courageous label. FILLES A PAPA is such a label. Born and raised in Belgium are both sisters trained in one creative discipline. Sarah studied Fashion Design in france, her sister Carol studied graphic design in Brussels. After their graduation both sisters move to New York to become inspired to their fashion label FILLES A PAPA. The label combined manifold contrasts, the garments of the label are rough and glamorous, simple and opulent, rebellious and playful. Punk meets Rock'n'Roll and working class meets glamour girl.

The avant-garde nature which is only inherent in belgium fashion like Maison Martin Margila, Raf Simons or Ann Demeulemeester, is transformed by the sisters into a very unique and energetic style. Her work based on the use of contrasts and extremes. Once a time they combined flashy and light colours wirh glamourus materials and simple cuts, as in their FW10 collection. Some other time, in  their SS12 collection,  they mixed simple elegance with elements of grunge and a touch of white trash. One constantly recurring elements are sequins and sweaters. These elements are the base for  the glamorous-casual style of the label.

The current collection moves between american sportswear and european chic: Skinny jeans are mixed with rough sport sweaters and shirts which remind to workers' clothing, sequins embroidered garments stands next to Trucker Caps. The design is inspired by college sportswear and the style icons like Debbie Harry or Kim Gordon and their rough style. Here the sisters achieve a masterpiece and move clever and consciously on formal borders: male vs female, chic vs casual, raw vs refined. Carol and Sarah comined all these differnet elements with a colour palette of flashy pink, modest black grey and white and light indigo blue.

Simple white shirtBlue shirt and skinny jeans

Sequin shirt
Grey boyfriend blazer and black beanie
Dark grey working shirt and pants
blue glitter tunic
Simple pink dress
Blue skinny jeans

Simple lack jacket
Sweater and sequins skirt

Black shirtBlck shirt and skinny pants


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