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INTERVIEW / wolf by sofie claes

Maybe some of you remember the article about the fashion designer Sofie Claes and her fantastic label WOLF. Based in Antwerp, Belgium creates Sofie garments with a minimalistic and timeless concept and a focus on quality craftsmanship. A few weeks ago Sofie released her new spring-summer collection 2013, called
Small things from nature & the nature of small things’.

For the collection Sofie has used a lot of structures from nature and gave the collection a strong attitude. She combines classic sportwear elements with straigh silhouettes, asymmetric cuts and high qualitity materials like pure silk, viscose, cotton and soft leather. The decent colour palette is composed out of gradients of grey and off white, washed tones of black and shades of deep blue. Sofies collection is based on research on classic designs of the past, to get to the essence of a garment. In this way she create a minimalistic and functional collection, with comfortable and casual clothes. Here is nothing too much.

Just as beautiful as the collection is the photographic concept for the lookbook. The photos reflect the raw look of the collection in a narrative way. No blur, a lot of different structures and surfaces and a non-colour palette characterize the lookook. In this way Sofie create a beautiful overall concept for her collection and also her fashion label. A few days ago Sofie gave me answers to a few questions about her new collection and her life and work in Antwerp. 


Hi, please tell me a little bit about you and your label
Hello! I’m Sofie Claes. I’m a fashion designer based in Antwerp. I am working under my label named Wolf., which was founded in 2010.

What is the concept behind your current collection?
The title of the collection is: ‘small things from nature and the nature of small thing.
The collection is inspired by raw minerals & materials from nature, rocks and the delicate veins of marble.

Do you have your favourite piece? And why?
Yes, I have. The bomber jacket is one of my favorites. The jacket is influenced by classical sportwear details but has a clean and feminine cut at the same time. I really love to mix two different aspects in one piece, it makes it very casual and wearable.

What kind of person do you imagine wearing your clothing?
I imagine a women that stands out in the crowd as a strong, creative human being with a sense of nostalgia and a sparkle of mystery. But it is a women that has her feet firmly on the ground.

Do you have any icons or role models?
Yes, there are a lot of role models off course.
First, I have to say really look up to Ann Demeulemeester: I admire her beautiful concept, her deconstructions and her rolemodel Patti Smith. Martin Margiela also, for his smart deconstructions, timeless designs and his edgyness. Alexander Wang is also incredible, for what he reached at such a young age, his brilliant down-to-earth basics and his androgyn approach, without losing femininity. I like the work of A.F.Vandevorst, for their nostalgic spirit, and their military and Joseph Beuys influences.
Do you have your own philosophy?
My brand philosophy is minimalistic, geometric shapes, timeless designs and quality craftsmanship. A strong appearance and a down-to-earth style with a sharp eye for detailing. The designs are slightly trend sensitive and built up from timeless basic garment. It’s important to me that every piece of clothing has a high functionality, comfort and wearability factor.
What does it mean to you to live and work in Antwerp, Belgium?
I decided to came and live in Antwerp after I graduate in 2009 from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Belgium is my homeland and I was very curious about Antwerp ‘ the fashion capital’ of Belgium.
Turns out that there is a lot of support from the fashion industry and it is also very comforting to have a lot of colleague designers working close.

Where would we find you when you’re not at work?
Unfortunately that doesn’t happen that often.
But I mostly like to go to flea markets. In Brussels you have this really nice market at the ‘vossenplein’. I love to look around in peoples ‘old’ stuff, it is a big source of inspiration for me. And besides that I can really enjoy an easy night out with friends in a pub.

If you are not doing design what will you be doing?
I would open a coffeeshop together with my partner. A place which would be a meetingspace for creative’s to change their ideas and to relax with some good ‘art’ books at the same time.
I would travel around first for a while to get inspired how to make this concept unique and outstanding.

Lookbook spring-summer 2013

bomber jacket

Marlbe shawl drape dress

Ried sweater, leather pencil skirt

 "Small things from nature & the nature of small things"

Shawl drape dress

"Small things from nature & the nature of small things"

Silk front dress

Diagonal shirt, wrap shorts
Little black dress

Black shirt and skirtRibbed sweater

Bomber dress, blue
Ribbed sweater, grey
Bomber jacket
Bomber dress
© Bram Van Stappen

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