Montag, 19. November 2012

JEWELRY / eleanor bolton

Sometimes jewelry exceeds the border between decorative elements and artwork. This is the case in the work of Eleanor Bolton. The London-based designer got a very unique approach. Her Artworks moves between jewelery, fashion and sculpture. She decorates not only the body, but clad it with fabrics like a fashion designer. But Eleanor drapes the fabric not around the whole body, she compress it and but an emphasis on one part of the body. 

The particular element of Eleanor Boltons work are her chosen materials. Instead of metal, wood or minerals, does she use fabric and spun yarn. Nevertheless Bolton creates solid pieces with a sculptural character. She developed these technique during her MA am Royal College of Art. Her technique based on the winding and the production of unique cotton ropes, which built subsequently the base for her jewelry pieces. With these technique the designer puts an emphasis on the narrative qualities of the material. The rhythmic grow with every single line is a metaphor for a fictive story told by her pieces. Her jewelery pieces seems to be continual organic grow similar to the human body. Bolton is interested in the experimental qualities of the used materials. The manipulation through simple interventions creates rare and unexpected forms. She explores steadily the limit of material, structure, form and function.

Her black collection is an accumulation of statement pieces, which celebrates the contrasts of material and structure. The collection contains dramatic necklaces and generous bracelets.
Bolton combines big black wrap ropes with considered chosen filigree details of gold and silver. The pieces are simple abut spectacular and show Boltons attention, love for details and craftsmanship

© Eleanor Bolton

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