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PHOTOGRAPHY / marleen sleeuwits

The most fascinating projects are these where various creative disciplines meet and melt into fascinating new content. The Hague based photographer Marleen Sleeuwits is one of these amazing talents which this symbiosis succeeds. She combines in her work photography with interior design and architecture. After her BA graduate at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and her Master of Arts at the St.-Joost in Breda her work was for a long time determined by public buildings in the urban space. Office houses, libraries, waiting halls in airports and public facilities were the focus of her work. One thing have all these places in common: here the outside world seems debarred and an own arrangement of time and space seems to be create.

The particular element of all these rooms is that everyone of them create an own perception of time: At an airport the human is either in hurry or in leisure, in a libary time seems to be far away and in the waiting hall of a office building the time seems to be to go into the eternal length. Since recent time the space in
Sleeuwits work goes through a transformation: she doesn´t shoot rooms which came across, but actively intervenes in the space and creates new scenarios. These are determined by formal elements like form, colour and composition. In the rooms marleen creates fascinating surfaces and beautiful colour palettes. Sleeuwits uses everyday materials like adhesive tape, foil or carton for her abstract interior designs.

Her work is an ongoing research in space, time and composition. One particular element in her photos is the absent of natural light. By using only artifical light
Sleeuwits picks up the atmosphere of the before photographed public buildings. By the remove of any information regarding the time and the location marleen creates an atmosphere in which the interiors seems to be detached from every real environment. She creates a room anywhere between reality and illusion. Every photo could be shooted at every place around the world, unless if it is a mall in Moscow or a waiting hall in an airport in Amsterdam. With these approach Sleeuwits reflects the time and space awareness of the business people, who fly everyday around the world and has lost every awareness of time and space. Sleeuwis work seems at first glance decorative, but then offers questions about space, time and architecture.

interior no. 24, white, grey and green
interior no. 25, silver and white

© Marleen Sleeuwits

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