Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2012

ART / vessel series by put put

White meets orange meets pink

Maybe you remember the interview with the Swiss-danish artist collective PUT PUT? The creative duo has updated their portfolio and added a photographic series called “Vessels”. In this series they combine vessels from different ages. Glass and leaded crystal meets plastic and tupperware. The series play with contrasts in material, origin and meaning and combine elements which does not fit together on the first glance.

The objects have their purpose in common, their appearance could not be more different. Through this strange combinations PUT PUT achieves an absurd and visual thrilling image which matched perfectly too their whole portfolio, which is built on formal elements like contrast, clear use of bold colours and a good portion of humor and absurdity. Along to the “Vessel” series PUT PUT presents their first publication: Tribute to the Salami. I hope you like PUT PUT similar as me. Have a look on their new online presentation and their full portfolio here.

Brown meets green meets chickenviolett meets orange meets yellow meets sqare meets ornaments

yellow meets white

blue meets red meets orange meets ornament

orange meets glass

blue meets yellow

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