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Trestel table

The Berlin-based studio ett la benn is focused on the three-dimensional space. The founders Danilo Dürler und Oliver Bischoff create together with their team manifold solutions for different commissioners. From the vase, over wardrobes and lamps to the interior design of some restaurants are they involved in many design processes which include the third dimension. What makes the studio so extraordinary is their aspiration to find for every project the most appropriate solution: their objects and furniture are simple, multifunctional and just beautiful, their room concepts are surprising and conceptional. Dürer and Bichofs work based on the attitude, that good design can only emerge through an in-depth research with the material and the concept. In this way the studio realize projects which call the common ways of using a material or the function of a furniture into question.

An intelligent and sustainable approach is important for Dürler and Bischoff. The table TRESTLE can be used as a desk, a side table or a storage, looks fantastic and might be taken apart and be space-saving stored if you don´t need the table anymore. ett la benn combine the functionality of a trestle table with the beauty of an exclusive single piece. Another project, the KAMI POTS, play with expectation and delivery. At first glance the vases remind to heavy geometrical concrete blocks. An association to modern architecture is obvious. Cylindrical forms meets geometrical edges. The surprising detail is, that the vases are not heavy, they are light but solid, and consist of 100% air dried recycled cellulose. But the designers are not only interested in the design of objects and furniture. They also created the concept and interior design of the Berlin restaurant TOCA ROUGE. The result was a restaurant what celebrated the colour black with all it´s facets. From the ground, to the walls right up the furniture... it´s all shrouded in darkness. ett la benns commentary to the modern wardrobe is also very conceptual: VALET is just a simple pole completed by two hinges. If you don´t need it anymore, put it in the corner, where it don´t claimed much space.

With these and other works the Berlin-based designer show that good design is more than only styling and the making of beautiful things. Find their full portfolio here.

TrestleKami pots
Kami pots

Kami pots



Toca rouge, berlin

Toca rouge, Berlin, black restaurant

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