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Tiffin Lunch Kit
Why is good design so important for our environment? We all prefer beautiful products before lax designed products. We use they carefully and give them more attention. We celebrate the use of these products. These more of attention is important for us that the product get not demolished. The Vancouver-based designer Lorea Sinclaire was inspired by these principle when she creates her beautiful Tiffin Lunch Kit. Today, where more and more people eat on the move and take more and more refuse away is an aware use of food and the connected processes more important than ever before.

The combination of simple and modest forms which are inspired by Origami artworks and plain ceramic results in a beautiful and functional product which we gladly use and consider. Form and function of these Kit is inspired by Japanese Bento boxes and Indian Tiffin culture and is an aesthetically and ecofriendly alternative to the lunch boxes made from plastic we use over here.
Instead of wood, plastic or metal use Sinclaire ceramic for her boxes, which is a warranty for hygiene, durability and the transport and the eventual preparation of cold or hot dishes.
The Tiffin Lunch Kit puts the food and the dealing with it in the center of the private life and create through the specific handling new courses of action. We pay new attention to the process of preparation, the storing and consume of food and make the consume of  food  to a conscious process.

How attentive Sinclaire treats her environment shows also the production process of her Tiffin Lunch Kit. Every box will produced on demand in Vancouver. This means longer delivery times but allows a sparing and ecofriendly production and the option the fit every product to the special desires of the customer.

Tiffin Lunch Kit DetailTiffin Lunch Kit Detail

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