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DESIGN / taf

Soft Parcel

Three-dimensional design combine a lot of different processes and  perspectives. The presenting, arranging and explaining in exhibition design. The building and constructing in product design and the planning and examining in architecture. One studio who combines all these aspects of design is TAF from Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in 2002, by Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom, the studio represents all that what makes Scandinavian design so desiring: a modest and simple style with an extraordinary twist.

The studio is focused on interior architecture, product design and exhibition design and has achieved a lot of international reputation. Their work was exhibited in MoMA and is ingredient of the permanently exhibition of the National museum in Stockholm and the danish Design museum in Copenhagen. The TAF atelier is based in an rebuilt bakery in Södermalm and these environment take a strong influence on the work of the two designers. Most of their products are inspired by everyday products from other fields of life. For example a retail design concept for the shoe company CAMPER: Gustafson and Ståhlbom create furniture which is based on modules which takes refer to ice cream sticks. The fresh colours are also borrowed  from different ice creams. In this way they create a fresh and humorous interior design, which fits perfectly with CAMPER. A similar approach was used for the project SOFT PARCEL. Instead of bolstering conventional furniture TAF creates a modular system of different bolstered boxes, which can be combined to unique seating arrangements.

But Gustafson and Ståhlbom do not only create beautiful furniture, they are also responsible for different exhibition and curating concepts like for the exhibition "What were they thinking? Five Nordic architect offices display their projects and explain the entire process from start to finish." which shows and explain the design process of architects or the exhibition “Flags”, an exhibition which works with the structures, forms and colours of national flags.These are only two examples of the stunning work of TAF. Have look on their full portfolio here.




Photography by TAF, Patrik Lindell,  Bobo Olsson, Joakim Bergström

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