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FASHION / charlie may

Vest, light pink, cream and whiteShorts, white and cream

That personal style has something in common with the products which are creative people produce every day is undeniably . For good designers is design more than just a job, it´s an attitude to life. To say it with the words of Paul rand, one of the best art directors ever: Design is everything. Everything! Good designers aestheticise everything, their environment, their appearance and of course, their drafts and products. One fantastic example for these fact is the British designer Charlie May.

After her studies at the University of the West of England in 2010 and an assistance at Louise Goldin is Charlie currently running her own own studio in London. At first glance seems Charlies Label not different to all the other minimalistic labels outside in the fashion universe. But at the second glance, is there a distinction: Charlies Blog Girla la Mode. Founded in 2008 grew this blog up to one of the most successful fashion blog of the United Kingdom. Here does Charlie that what the most Fashion blogger do: write about her personal style, her life and her inspiration sources. The interesting thing is that May with these kind of documentation give an insight into her work flow and the development of her label and the particular collection. A fantastic way to create customer retention. Same seen at Sandra Hagelstam from 5inchandup and in the next years definitely at Maria Van Nguyen from vanillascented.

What my assertion from the beginning confirms is charlies personal style. Which is definitely the inspiration for her collections: clear and modern lines, modest use of beautiful colours, and sophisticated details are the strongest elements of her garments.
Charlie Mays summer collection for 2013 corresponds with these style: the collection is dominated by shades of grey , pink and blue and a lot of white. May has designed different blouses from simple to extraordinary and combined them with shorts, light coats and geometrical vests. The mix is casual but elegant. Just nice and beautiful. And to came back to the assertion from the beginning: the photography is also absolut simple, appropriate and pretty to watch and part of the whole concept.

Shirt, light greyShirt, light grey

Blouse, geometrical whiteBlouse, geometrical white

Jacket, light cream and white
Coat, light blue, pink and white

Vest and skirt, light pink and whiteShirt, white and light pinkVest, light pink

Suit, white
Skirt, light pink

Dress, light pinkVest, cream and white

© Charlie May
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  1. i love this post :) the clothes are so clean.

    xx m

  2. so flawless and beautiful + I love this neutral colour palette

  3. I've been following her blog and work for quite sometime now and love it. It makes me happy to see that there are so much people supporting young designers and can't wait to show my graduate collection to the world! x


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