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FASHION / yumumu ss-13 lookbook

Printed dress

There is a lot of inspiration in our environment. The houses with all of their geometrical forms, lines proportions. The colours of the plants, the sky, the ground. The movement in a city or the people around us. All this can become inspiration for a creative discipline. The
Singapore-based label YUMUMU concentrated all these elements in the new collection for summer 2013.

The new collection is, like Singapore itself, a melting pot of urban elements. Straight cuts and elegant constructions stand next to patterns and colours which seems to be obtained directly from the streets of Singapore. Designer Lu Yilin, which got her roots in the graphic design and media art, combine shades of grey, blue and brown with bright yellow details, which remind to traffic signs. The modest used patters remind to rain which flew down the street in the monsoon. Especially the presentation of the collection underlines the design:  Lu Yilin staged her models directly in an urban environment, so that the lines and cuts of the clothes takes refer too the surrounding architecture and the colours and the patterns correspond perfectly with the colous in the background. A beautiful collection and a beautiful presentation of modern and sophisticated clothes.

Geometrical dress, greyPrinted dress
Geometrical dress, grey, black and white
Geometrical dress, grey and yellow
Denim shorts and shirt

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