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AW 12 Black coats

It´s interesting how the products we create are characterized by our identity. Particularly interesting is the fact if two identities clash together and melt to a common picture, which surpasses all expectations. This is fact by the newcomer label M-UnuDoi. The founders Golban Rodica and Peperigeanu Oana are originally from Moldavia and Romania, two countries which have to define their identities in a new way after the end of the Soviet Union.

Both have met and defined themselves as a creative duo in the Romanian city Timișoara. A city where a lot a different cultures are mixed and which is important for the history of the country because the Romanian Revolution of 1989 started in these city. Instead of avoid these subject of history Rodica and Oana make the political meaning of their current hometown to the motive of their current collection and create a subtle commentary to the past and current situation of the country. They deal with their role as designers and see themselves more as active designers as passive stylists.

Their current collection deals with a modest colour palette of grey, black, white, cream and yellow, simple cuts and nice details. Especially nice is the look book: the models are staged in front of an old carpet, which you can find in a lot of households in Romania. In this way M-UnuDoi combine the past and the present in their work and take care of the history and identity of the country. Rodica und Oana gave me more information about their current AW12 collection and the concept behind the collection in an short interview you find below.

Who are you and what interests you / your work?
Some random words will describe us best:
M12, creative duo, Golban Rodica, two personalities, Peperigeanu Oana, one goal, two countries, meticulousness, two cultures, Moldavia, degree in fashion, Romania, favorite quote 'choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life', love for clothes, perseverance, intuitive fashion, full-time vocation, love for details, evolution, not revolution, love for nature, work, patience, love for food, willpower, future, and the list will be continued.

AW 12 blouse and print shirt

Where do you work?
In the same town we met, Timisoara in a small but well tooled up studio.

How do you start a collection. What is your inspiration?
We’re mostly inspired by things we encounter in our daily life and it depends, sometimes we get inspired in a nightdream, sometimes in a daydream. There are random visions in our imagination, like an archive of things we've seen, heard, smelled or felt so far. When these visions become strong enough, they develop into ideas for next collections. The concept is clear from the start. The ideas come during the creative process when messing around with the raw materials, techniques and silhouettes. Single pieces gradually evolve into a whole collection.

How important is inspiration for you?
You can’t get creative without getting inspired. Start-ups like Facebook or Google wouldn’t become the giants that they are today without creative thinking and inspirational decisions.
When approaching a project, being in a state of inspiration makes things (much) easier. It allows us to transcend our limitations and aided by our technical knowledge we can metamorphose our capabilities into possibility. It is our food for thought and it helps us to get ideas, think outside the box and take decisions that save time, fabric and a lot of unnecessary frustrations.

AW 12 layerd skirt and print shirt

Please describe your current collection.
%OFF is a collection of socio-political inspiration that takes shape in a sober 80's communist background, filled with sober silhouettes wrapped up in black and grey fabrics. Under this backdrop things are lightened up by vivid yellow for optimism, white for a fresh new start and beige which shows that we should take a stand.
Its starting point travels over romanian nostalgia regarding the bygone times, a nostalgia that's fed by present sorrows and touches our adaptability to keep up. (OFF is a romanian interjection and stands for suspiration). After many years of fashion oppression we have a lot to catch up; now is the time to take a stand and outdo ourselves.

Do you have your favourite piece? And why?
Monochromatic pleated apron because it is neutral and versatile and you can wear it with the bowknot in front for a dressy look or without one for a casual look.

What kind of person do you imagine wearing your clothing?
Fashion is feeling, not just wearing. Our clothes are designed for people who are always searching for a new angle to maintain a sense of awareness of their own beauty
They are the 'nice girl' clothes with a hint of 'bad-assness' that breaks through the cuts and wide stitches. M12 wearers can not only seem voguish among their peers but also send a message with their fashion choices and spread a set of emotion comparable to those given by good music or a good movie.

AW 12  skirt and print shirt

What do you think about the use of colour?
Colour is a central part of vision and how the world appears. It is involved in almost every aspect of our lives and it has become a powerful, complex and unique form of communication. We all agreed that red means "stop" and green means "go." A vision in color produces all of the effects of black and white outlook but adds a powerful new dimension, presenting, for example, a truer, more complete fashion composition. Color is a strong defining feature of a garment, and the use of color in a fashion design supplies the main piece with information absent from a black and white layout.

What makes a good composition for you?
Compositions are often made with different purposes and audiences in mind and have different emphases. Putting together ingredients in a work of visual art, music, writing or even cooking one should review the basic principles of good composition, the properties of the elements and how they interact with each other . As in case of fashion design, some focus more on technical aspects such as construction, textures and details, others on capturing the beauty of color contrast and on the power of print. No matter, though, what the trend is, a composition is always more effective if it feels balanced, engaging and easy to understand. If a composition displays all these qualities it will capture the viewer’s attention and seduce the eye.

AW 12 blouse white and cream

What does it mean to you, being a designer?
Being a designer means being a craftsman, a conceptual thinker and a communicator. In order to communicate, we should know how to craft a flattering story that will approach both the hearts and the minds of our audience. For a better way connection with the audiences we should come with innovation. As conceptual thinkers, we are expected to keep the world fresh by constantly bringing something new to the table beside the daily bread.

What is more important to be a good designer: big talent or hard working?
Coming with an idea for a new garment, that’s what most people expect from a designer. Huge talent is needed to become a designer but is not the key to become a successful one. The fact is that the designer is actively engaged in every aspect of this process, and it takes hard work translating the initial design into a basic prototype, then gets it produced and makes the vision become reality. Nowadays is not just about the next new idea but often about how to get that new idea to the audience so it takes a great marketing effort too. As always, the secret of being good at anything is to find a perfect balance between raw talent and hard work so that at the end of the day you can find both of them in your work.

AW 12  blouse and skirts

If you are not doing fashion what will you be doing?
Quality Assurance Officer.

What is your goal for the future? 
We have the classical dream of a young designer team, we want to expand as much as possible, to have a larger reach worldwide, but we don't want to over-wash our brand, we want to keep it fresh and exclusive, by creating unique products or in limited edition.

AW 12 shirt

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