Montag, 14. Januar 2013

DESIGN / bodo sperlein

Beautiful tableware is indispensable for a well designed home. The German designer Bodo Sperlein creates beautiful and clean products which fits well into every nice home. Based in London, UK runs the native-born Bavarian a design studio, which is based on ceramics ware.

The studios portfolio collects ceramic and tableware collections, also chairs and tables for company’s such as Lladró, Swarovski, Dibbern, Du Pont, Mulberry and Agent Provocateur.
All products are characterized by by clear lines and modest forms. Especially beautiful are
the collections CLOUD and MACAROON for NIKKO. Both series captivate with their form language, which is functional and simple. But what make the product so special? It´s Bodo Sperlein´s use of colour. The NIKKO CLOUD collection is marked by a modest point of blurred blue colour point, which reminds to a drop of ink which is falling into a glass of clear water. NIKKO MACAROON executes this concept and use the colour as main element of it´s design, which impinges light as dust to the edge of the plate, which brake the colour into the plate. Have a look on his full portfolio here.

© Bodo Sperlein

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