Montag, 21. Januar 2013

DESIGN / david taylor

Design is a mixture of tension and contrasts. Artist and designer David Taylor chooses these fact as main theme of his work and creates collections which contain beautiful candle holders, lamps and mirrors. All products surprise with absurd contrasts in form and material. Born in Scotland, David currently works and live in Stockholm, Sweden. After being educated as a silversmith and reaching a master in Metal Design at the Konstfack in Stockholm, David starts his own studio and creates products, which combine Scandinavian minimalism with a touch of humor and DIY.

Taylor combines things which fits not obviously together on first glance: sleek and geometrical surfaces made by copper, silver or brass collide with concrete, stone or leather.
Minimalism and perfection meets raw naturalness, technique meets nature and humor meets sobriety. The combination confuse on the first glance, but captivate with a unique kind of beauty. David surprises with still unusual manner: Some elements are belted together with a simple clamp, other products are created as a kind of family or “group of friends” who are based on a playful combination system.

Taylors work is honored with a lot of awards like the Red Dot or the Elle Interior Design Award and be part of many international collections like the The Röhsska Museum, The National Museum of Sweden and Germany’s Design Zentrum in Nordrhein.

© David Taylor

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