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FASHION / co|te ss 2013

Italy was always well known for fantastic fashion and beautiful product design. Many design classics like the side table "Cicognino" from Franco Albini or the armchair “Proust" from Alessandro Mendini, come from there and all drafts are characterized by functionality and eternalness. The small label Co|te transmits these aspects into their fashion drafts and presented a fabulous summer collection which is full of surprises.

The designers play with a lot of contrasts: loud and quite, abundant  and minimal, classic and modern. The designers work with bold colour fields and big ornaments, which are based on a well defined colour palette: red and orange, pink and  dark blue are well added to a lot of white space. Only two big patterns distract the straight minimalism: a rich plant-print stand in next to light orange and moded khaki. And a wild pattern based on thin lines, which reminds to Jackson Pollock artworks, is mixed with a tomato red and dark blue. After all, by all these beauty lies the focus on the details: layerings, cut-outs and strange material combinations create a second layer which is disclosed on the second glance and spend room for a lot of beautiful contrasts: a light orange line on the khaki jacked. The geometric cut-out which shows a second layer of colour and builds a contrast with the material above. Every outfit stands in a context to the whole collection but is still unique and surprising.

Behind Co|te you will find Tomaso Anfossi and Francesco Ferrari. Both are graduates of the prestigious Istituto Marangoni in Milan and create fashion which are characterized by a lot of adjectives: bold, simple, chic, colourful, fresh. feminine, androgynous, relaxed. In the work of Co|te these aspects are not mutually exclusive, their draft are aware full of contrasts and  Anfossi and Ferrari mix intellect with sexuality, but are never vulgar. Where these strong contrast come from, become clear, if you have a look on their role models, which are called Muiccia Prada and Gianni Versace.

© Co|te

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