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PHOTOGRAPHY / mate moro

Hello Dori Tomcsanyi for BASE MAGAZINE
The combination of things which do obviously not fit together creates a special kind of absurdity and sometimes a very beautiful relationship. Recently seen these phenomen in the portfolios of PUT PUT, Denmark and Csilla Klenyánszki from Rotterdam. Another example for these phenomen is the portfolio of the photographer Mate Moro: Born in 1989 in Dunaujvaros, Hungary Moro lives currently in Budapest, Hungary and produces a portfolio which shows along to a propensity to absurdity also a masterful use of colour, form and the three dimensional space. The work of Mate Moro, who works  mainly in the commercial area and has produced the outstanding editorial Yayoi Kusama x Louis Vuitton for the Room Magazine, are on first glance mainly very colourful. Moro subdivides his pictures into clear colour fields and surprises with witty interpretations of the content.
Moro shows sometimes conflicts between people and their clothes instead of staging the clothes motionless in combination with the body. Sometimes he cuts or eliminated the body completely from his compositions which are full of humor and sometimes he creates installations from objects which bear no relation to each other. After having a look on his portfolio, you will have an other glance on fashion in general. The photographer breathe life into empty shells and produces an unexpected view on fashion.
Moro creates his compositions ever alone in a vacuum: his partners are the graphic designer
Aron Filkey and the design and art historian Nora Gyenge. Have a look on Mato Moros full portfolio here.




yayoi kusama x luis vuitton

WAD Magazin
yayoi kusama x luis vuitton

© Mate Moro

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  1. I think the Kusama/Louis Vuitton ed for The Room came out really nice... that's my favorite of his works... I guess he's at his best when working with Aron Filkey...

    :) :) :)


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