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Fashion is an ephemeral business. Some labels produce clothes for just one season, clothes does not fit for a longer time, because style and quality are not dedicated for a longer use. But there are some people outside, who try to create a more timeless kind of style. One of these persons is Giulia Spiller, who runs her own label 830 Sign.
Evolved from a denim company, was 830 Sign founded in 2008. She creates a label which offers garments with a timeless attitude, combine modern and classic elements and uses the manufacturing experience from the past generation. Designer of the label is Mariavittoria Soldi. The pieces stand in the tradition of the Italian fashion history, are made in Italy. As a very special element  adds elements from the timeless and high quality modern style, working with important Italian and Japanese suppliers on fabrics. Through these special mix the small collections got a rare and precious character, are not dedicated to a kind of trend but looking still modern and fresh. Straight lines and great matched colour palettes are combined to a modest and sophisticated mix, which fits perfectly to the personal style of every woman.
The summer collection for 2013 is based on a modest colour palette and combine shades of white, light pink and dark violet. With simple but sophisticated cuts and fluid forms creates
Mariavittoria a style which represents a kind of intellectual and modern woman. In an interview Mariavittoria Soldi gave me answers about her work and live as a designer, her inspiration and the process of designing a collection.

Your current collection has a classic approach but works with modern details.
 What is the concept behind the collection?

830 Sign collections aim to create a product with high quality, in terms of fabrics, manufacturing, workmanship, care on the garments, adding to it a "soul"; each piece expresses the main concept of each collection, in terms of design, tracing a sort of  "fil rouge" that runs from one style to the other.

How important are the terms in work: form, composition and colour?
These are actually the most important features in our collections.  We actually start working on the forms, the silhouettes that will define the season; then we focus on the colour palette , trying to convey through it a state of mind, a kind of mood; after that come the material, fabrics and yarns, choosing the ones that best can mold the silhouette we need, and express the "soul" I previously talked about


Why the name 830 Sign?

Giulia’s father was born on the 30th of August (8/30) and he lives his life considering all things a ‘sign’. I guess it goes without saying that the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree when Giulia, born on the 30th of December learned to believe the same thing. In her family, everything seemed to take place on the 8th or 30th. Growing up, she became more aware of signs too and noticed the correlation between the dates and without hesitation told herself, “It is a sign…” and on her father’s birthday 8/30/2008 she decided to name the brand 830Sign, it is sort of my way of giving her father the credit he is due.

Through Pinterest, Tumblr and some other media is more common, that designers make their inspiration sources available to the public. Why do you do that and how important is this digital mood board for your work flow? And how reflect it the
atmosphere, that you seek with your drafts?
We  actually created a page on the websites with this purpose, where we load the most significant pictures that brought us to create each collection. I think it's very important for a designer to visualize very clearly the path he chose, from the beginning of the season, the first impulsive inspiration, and then all the evolutions that followed day by day; it helps a lot to create a congruent project, preventing the risk to loose youself on different little branches that takes you away from the starting point, which happens very often. On the other side, I think it's also important for us as a brand, and especially for me as designer of the collections, that the final client has the chance to understand more in deep the sense of the collections, and the choices we made about fabrics, silhouettes, colors, having a look to the pictures that drew the line from the beginning to the end of each season. It makes the project appear rich in tall its contents, not only  pieces of cloths put together.

 Do you think your style is shaped by the Italian fashion tradition?
My style takes inspiration from the Italian fashion tradition more in terms of richness in fabric and workmanship, but regarding the shapes, it's more austere, sharp, nordic than the Italian fashion tradition.

What does it mean to you, being a designer?
it means having the chance to express an idea, a simple thought, a mood, into something concrete, that really exists. Just like writing for a poet, painting for an artist, molding materials for a sculptor.


Do you have role models or icons?
I actually have a lot of women I admire, but not a real icon. I'm quite unstable in that kind of thing, don't like the same thing for too much time.

How has knowing to appreciate art and design affect the way you live?
art and design has of course a a very important role in my life, not really in the way I live but more in the way I look at things, I think, I see what surrounds me.


If you are not doing fashion what will you be doing?

I would love to be an architect, a photographer, or do something dealing with nature.. combining the three things in one job would be perfect!

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