Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

PHOTOGRAPHY / cos campaign ss 2013

In fashion it´s the same as in other creative disciplines. The  presentation is the matter.
A fabulous example is the scandinavian fashion label COS, which is well known for it´s minimal and clear clothes.

The new collection is characterized by straight lines and cuts, graphic layering and drapings. To take the hardness from the drafts was a color palette chosen, which is dominated by natural colors, like green, brown, white and a soft light pink. Because of this the collection radiates a warmth and natural look, which is underlined by the photographic concept which was chosen for the campaign.

The photos are taken in a straight constructed modern house which is based in a natural landscape and at the same time contrasted by this. The whole campaign seems to be dedicated by this contrast of hard, modern forms and the organic nature. The natural landscape is omnipresent in all compositions, every time in the field of the viewers vision but still outside. Every time the glass standing between the model and the nature, which seems to be a memory or a mirroring. The nature which it´s natural grown organic forms seems to be the perfect opposite of the straight modern form of the clothes. The campaign presents a special kind of languishing which gave´s the collection a romantic but modern touch.



  1. I love COS. All their pieces are just spot on! <3 I never leave the store without buying at least one item ha!



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