Freitag, 1. März 2013

DESIGN / everyday people

    "But beauty, real beauty, ends where an intellectual expression begins. 
    Intellect is in itself a mode of exaggeration, and destroys the harmony of any face."

- Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray Ch. 1

Imperfection breeds beauty and perfect beauty is not perfect. It´s got kinks and little interferences which interrupt the perfection and create an interesting and unique image.
These principle of imperfection uses the Cologne-based people agency "EVERYDAY PEOPLE" for their business model. As distinguished from other model or people agency´s who are searching for an immaculate surface and a flawless beauty, is the goal of EVERYDAY PEOPLE to find interesting and fresh people with character and charisma. This concept works very well, their portfolio is full of interesting people with style and intellect and a very special attitude.

In other articles i had talked about design which works well in all media. The corporate design of EVERYDAY PEOPLE is a fabulous example for this. The idea of imperfection, which characterizes the business model works also well in the whole design: Designer Svenja Gerster makes the people to the face of the agency and to an integral part of the whole design. The simple and clean look is supplemented by a dynamic logo which is defined by different and changing spaces between the letters and creates a new idea about beauty in general. Have a look on the website here.

 © Everyday People

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