Samstag, 16. März 2013

DESIGN / falcon enamelware

Every time we need new stuff. It´s never enough and we will be never replete. But it´s time to spend our money on something with substance, something with relevance. Maybe something for the kitchen.

Fabulous items for this part of the house seems to be offered by Falcon Enamelware. The company is a icon of british home life since the 1920s and offers classic cookware made from Enamel. This classic material is glass fused onto heavy-gauge steel. This makes the products smooth, durable and chemically-resistant - as well as great at holding brilliant, long-lasting colors. The products are striking because of their timeless and clear modern style and a brilliant and beautiful color palette which is both: harmonized and eye-catching.

Past and present merge in the design and the business model of the company. The products are characterized by a really solid material quality and are focussed on many admirable qualities – simplicity, durability and chemical-resistance. They are a fabulous supplement for every part around the kitchen: baking, drinking, preparing and serving and for everyone of you who loves to cook, to prepare or just dream of his or her childhood and the products of the past.

 © Falcon Enamelware

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