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A few times ago I wrote an article about the fabulous Spring/Summer collection from CO-TE, a small Newcomer label from Milan, Italy.
Tomaso Anfossi and Francesco Ferrari prefer a bold use of colors, clear forms and special details, which make their collections outstanding and special.
This week I got the opportunity to offer the designers a few questions about their new AW 2013 collection. 

What is the general idea behind CO-TE?
The dream of two guys who wanted to believe in their potential to create a new idea in the fashion world, putting a lot of work commitment and passion.
Your current AW 2013 collection treads the border between minimalism and opulence.
What was the main inspiration for the collection?

The initial idea was to join the two worlds. The geometric lines of the minimalism and a clean design 
of the opulent and rich PineApple print.

The gloves are a very special detail in the collection. What was the idea behind it?
We imagined gloves functioning as a breastplate made with a tone-on-tone embroidery. 
A kind of glamorous weapon to make our woman protect herself.

Do you have your favorite piece? And why?
In this collection we are very satisfied by the knitwear which is achieving a strong position 
in our world. We have developed and created new prints that give identity to the collection.How are import The following terms in your work: form, color and composition?
They are three different elements that strongly represent our collection, although they are tied up in one strong idea: a perfect mix of modernity and portability. For us, choosingthe fabric is the most important part of our beginning. The fabric is the basis of everything, before we decide a shape. Then if you choose the right colors the result will be perfect.

Which kind of woman do you imagine, wearing your clothes?
We always imagine a curious woman, who loves to dare and have fun with our pieces. 
Fashion should be a friend of women and help them in every different situation they need to face.

How do you start a collection. What is your inspiration?
The inspiration is truly everywhere. We never use the same image or fabric. We are always very attentive to everything around us to catch every possible source of inspiration that can be an old photograph, a film or a contemporary art composition.

Mainly you work with clear geometrical forms and color blocking.
How important are trends for you?

We always try to impose our own idea of ​​fashion and trend, as long as we can. We do not follow established lines and rules dictated by others because we are trying to create our own image that can become recognizable.

What makes the Italian fashion scene so special and Which kind
of influence do you see on your own work?

Made in Italy is definitely a key point for the Italian fashion. The quality and passion of Italian 
artisans is priceless. Italy and Milan, where we work and live is for us a source of great inspiration.

Fashion is a quick and volatile business. What do you think will happen if you take time away from being one of the factors in the process of a project?
In this recent period fashion and the market is growing fast. We must therefore keep pace with the times if we want to compete at international level. Fashion represents a great passion. It’s impossibile to think that we will leave this job if it is representing our life, more then our job.

If you are not doing fashion what will you be doing?
T: I think I would cook! I love to cook.
F: I would be a writer of thrillers.

What makes a good dress for you?
The finishing and details are the most important elements, once you have chosen the right fabric.

 © CO|TE

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