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FASHION / femke agema

Orange composition with pink dots

Fashion means in some ways the creation of space, because every piece of clothing achieve it's real form in the moment of wearing. The dutch fashion designer Femke Agema expresses this fact in her work like nobody else:
She creates collections where fashion is melting together with the art of sculpture.
The Amsterdam based designer graduated from the Utrecht School of the Arts where she found her love for graphic design and fashion, abstract bold forms and lightning colors.
Femke's drafts move on a border between fashion and art and combine abstract compositions with wearable minimal elegance. Femke uses one strong concept for two collections to express her own view of the world and create artworks which are shown in Galleries like the Moooi Gallery in Amsterdam.

White shirt with weaved hat

Femke's a/w 12 collection Nigliktok illustrates her vision of a frozen world, with a playful combination of forms and colors which seems to be stolen from a over styled winter landscape. Light turquoise is mixed with different shades of blue, white, black, bordeaux and playful accessories, which express the fantastic approach of Femke.
In the collection you will find delicate blouses, tough trousers and complex jackets. Some abstract snowsuits which are able to protect you from the cold air shift the collection to a node between fashion and installation art, which uses the human body to express itself.

White dress with orange dots and wood

Femke's current summer collection Elders works which a similar approach: the collection plays with the feeling of  crossing between the seasons winter and spring. The collection catches everything which express the feeling of spring: exploring nature, bold colors and bold forms. Fragile dresses are combined with elements from nature like wood or grass, simple shirts are mixed with weaved basket objects and a color palette which is minimal and bold at the same time: a strong blue which remains to the sky from the first days of spring, a lot of white, light pink and shades of brown create a mix of artificial nature.
I'm be sure that  we will see more from Femke in the future, because her approach to fashion is so different from the minimal concepts of the most other designers of this time.

Brown dress and woodWhite shirt, blue shorts and a weaved object

Blue shorts

Weaved object

White blouse with red pants

Snowsuit object

Black jacket
Blue jacket with white dots
White Outfit

Elders S/S 2013

Photography Roel Determeijer, 
Model Sofie Bernhagen
, Make-up Kiranchandra Kroegman, 
Styling Femke Agema & Minke Lunter, 
Retouche Jan Hibma, 
Art direction Bas Koopmans, 
Assistance Aljona Minejeva

Nigliktok A/W 2012 
Photography Roel Determeijer
, Model Amanda via Maxmodels, 
Make-up Kiranchandra Kroegman, 
Styling Nijnke van Willigenburg, 
Wooden shoes Jasper Kuijl, 
Art direction Bas Koopmans

© Femke Agema

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