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DESIGN / all in one carpet by studio droog

All in one carpet by Studio Droog

Design surrounds us. Every day, in every moment. Every product we use is designed, the form follows it's function, but the most people don't think about this fact. They realize design only in form of luxury design furniture which reflects our life style or works as expensive and useless decoration in our living rooms. But there are some designers which creates products with more than just a beautiful surface. For example the design collective Droog, which was founded by the curator and art historian Renny Remakers and designer Gijs Bakker during the nineties in The Netherlands. 

For the first presentation in 1994 Remakers and Bakker choose products from young emerging designers like Hella Jongerius, Marcel Wanders or Jurgen Bey and present them under the name "Droog" at Salone Internazionale del Mobile. All products are connected trough the reflection of their function, form, design and placement in the every day life, a wry kind of humor and irony and a strong concept, which is more present than the beauty of the product.

Until now Droog does not change this conceptual approach: in the web shop you will find classic products of the everyday life with a clever conceptional twist. For example the Do-Hit chair, designed by Marjin van der Poll, which is simply a clear cube made of stainless steel, supplied with a sledgehammer which must be formed with this hammer, but not from the designer, from the customer. Or 85 Lamps, designed by Rody Graumans: A chandeliers which is built from 85 naked bulbs, and which is reflection the form and state of a classic chandeliers. 

Droog creates products which are built on character and not on beauty, which involve an own identity and work not only as nice decoration. In 2011 Renny Remakers founded also Studio Droog, which transforms the values of Droog in many products, which are able to transform the experience of the daily life. Every piece turns products into question, reflects it's function and change the customers point of view and think.

One product of Studio Droog is the All-in-One Carpet, the most democratic Carpet on earth. It's not a boring carpet, it's made of a lot of small and different pieces which are able to fit in every room situation. Combined in one room you got a intriguing collage of different patterns and styles. Every piece contained another pattern and fits to every life style and taste. 

Droog carpet


© Studio Droog

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