Sonntag, 14. Juli 2013

PHOTOGRAPHY / luke stephenson

Bird in front of grey background

Some photographers are focussed on the fabulous moments of life, the beautiful and antithetical things, which can be found in fashion and life style magazines. Some people choose an other way and deal with more profound terms of life.

One of this photographers is Luke Stephenson. Instead of dealing with life style themes he is focussed on Psyche and documented terms of the english society. His pictures are characterized by a everyday aesthetic and a wry kind of humor, which makes the pictures so special. Luke's pictures catch the viewer with a reduced asthetic and great compositions of color and form.
Luke chooses clear perspectives and creates typologies of the everyday. His series The Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds shows colorful birds in front of simple and colorful backgrounds. The Foyer fauna documents boring plants in public offices and the Dart series shows some ordinary men which are connected through their leisure activity. All portraits are beautiful, ugly, interesting and intriguing at the same time and let me hope that Luke will continue to work on this special style. 

Bird in front of blue background

bird in front of light background

Bird in front of yellow background

red bird in front of a light background

Clown Egg

Clown Egg in front of pink background

Clown Egg with red hair

The Dart series

Dart player

Dart champion

Dart champ

© Luke Stephenson

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