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DESIGN / hilda hellström


Modern and mystical are the best words to explain the first impressions after having a look on the products of swedish designer Hilda Hellström. The London-based product designer has a very unique way to express her interests through her work, which is conceptual and process-driven.
Hilda was born a daughter of a carpenter and a psychoanalyst and was very early involved into the creation of products and stories. She studies painting and art in Stockholm and Barcelona and graduated with a bachelor in product design from the Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm and a master-degree from the Royal College of Art in London. All these studies and impressions are now concentrated in Hildas current work: some series of vases and objects, characterized by clean and modern forms and a color and texture which reminds to marbled paper. The objects reflect Hilda's interest in phenomenological concepts such as subjectivity, different realities or fakes. She gave contemporary interpretations of modern phenomena and tries always to tell her own story or fantasy through the product.
For her series Sedimetation the designer has created a collection of vessels characterized by amazing patterns and bright full colors which have the look and feeling of a stone vessel, but are made from layers of pigmented Jesmonite, a non-toxic acrylic-based plaster often used in ceilings and restoration work. Hellström use this project to explore the terms fake, real and subjectivity. In 2012 Hellström create an amazing installation for Swarowski: The MONUMENT. The installation tells on a video screen and with a beautiful object a story about about a mythological place. Both projects explain Hilda's approach which connects research, analysis, craftsmanship, narrative elements and aesthetic. Have a look on Hilda Hellström's Website to see her full portfolio.





The Monument

The Monument, Detail

© Hilda Hellström

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