Dienstag, 17. September 2013

DESIGN / Yukihiro Kaneuchi

The most products are made during these days are beautiful and functional, but less conceptional. This is sad because a product with a good concept is almost better, because with a great concept you can add so much more to a project, terms like humor, wit references or you own opinion. Good to see, that these kind of designer are still there: The japanese designer Yukihiro Kaneuchi create products and objects which stand out of the crowd because they are simple, beautiful and also funny and emotional.
Born in Fukuoka, Japan Yukihiro Kaneuchi decided to study Art and Architecture at the Tama Art Univercity in Tokyo. After his studies he has worked as a Researcher at Fabrica (Benetton’s communications research centre) in Italy. These experience he mixes now in to a palette of beautiful products with a playful and conceptional approach. His project COLORS IN TIME play with the process of aging and was produced with Fabrica for an exhibition in Le Bon Marché at Paris. Kaneuchi used a 150 years old Thonet stool and tries to communicate the feeling of the former owners through the color of the stool. For the projects HAPPY he draws the word Happy with chocolate on a sweet plane made of glass, to reflect the ways sweet plaines are decorated in restaurants. The Projects SAND reflects the traditional japanese game Bou-Taoshi, which is based on the production on conic sand shapes and is often use as a an object representative of a divine spirit.  Kaneuchi reflect the form of this simple object to create beautiful and abstract vases. 

Have a look at more fantastic projects of Yukihiro Kaneuchi's at his full portfolio and his online shop.

© Yukihiro Kaneuchi

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